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oh please.

my words
its not a special day today
nothing special happened today
but it is worth remembering
and its worth telling you about the day
for a lifetime


purple Felle
Sze YiNg
yiSong aka.didi
Si HeNg
beh beh
Chee Guan
Designer Basecodes

i have not change.
its always been the same.
the dancer/ the performer/ the expressive one/ the emo one/the happy cheerful one/ the huggable one/ the sweetest one/ the fun loving one/ the crazy one.etc
:D! legally 19 turning on 20 on 22 november.get me presents on that day":))
she is a cow lover!!she likes being up on stage and if she is up there, remember to cheer for her as loud as you could.she favours ice cream and choc alot.she has a small pillow that she hugs to sleep everynight.She has braces that makes her teeth shiny whenever she smiles.:))she loves the people that loves her. she likes hanging out with anyone that is nice:) She can be as random as you can imagine, very blur and she is different from you cause her sky is't blue. its filled with whatever colour she want it to bepurple,red,yellow,orange. or any outragous colour. she is happy with her sky.what colour is your sky?

Sunday, August 02, 2009!
HandWritten on; 9:26 AM

this on whole week totally feel like eternity.why?! basically cause i cant talk and cant eat!
my jaw operation is finally completed and im recovering from this.

the swelling is quite bad. but then again im recovering!

i really need to thank alot of my friends for coming and also for all the care and concern!!!
in the hospital and off the hospital. THANKS FRIENDS!!! loves!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009!
HandWritten on; 10:58 AM


suddenly think about alot of stuff!
yes, i think i will freak out!!

tmr is solar eclipse day!!
exciting!! muzs wake up at 8 tmr!!

liting mum give me a tira!! so pretty!! but den i accidentally step on it and it break into two.
but i manage to tape it back with clear scotch tape =))

Sunday, July 19, 2009!
HandWritten on; 10:05 AM

If you are wondering what am i doing these few days, or from the day i last blogged.. well the photos can clearly explain that i have been fully utilizing my free days and time to enjoy what i can before i go for my op!gulp.. O.0!!

Finally the end of a production with much sense of achievements and also full of memories to reminisce. Then again, looking back at the process of this production, there is a mixture of feelings that is so overwhelming, i can't put into words to describe.
When it all ended, we only could remember those enjoyable moments in hkhk and VT.

just this friday, 17 july, we had QING GONG YAN PART 1 at Yuri's place. There is really a lot of photographs that are on my facebook!!lots of fun. lots of gossips and lots of KIDS!! yay!!!

pple that went and had this real great group photo taken: celeste,huiling,zining,yingning,wenlin,huimin,yuri,jiaqi,roxanne,colette,yunjun,randall, ruixian,zexin,sheryl, yilei, yihui,jiajun,wenjie,yicui, regina, kiat, vic,xiling, aubrey, wenqi,kimberyl,yisong,jerome, meijun,that me, benedit,zhenmin,xinyi, ying xin,cheryl, gerald, justin,ziyi,kenko,junpeng,peikun,gin gin, linghao,junquan,xunbin, fan keng, cheeguan.
missing: serena, jalyn lao shi and august.

yes! yes! that is emperor's new clothes QING GONG YAN PART 1. Although still quite a number of people weren't there, but we really had lots of fun!! WOHOO!!

Let me introduced a new programme that hkhk elderly are very obsessed curently with and indeed excited about too..Caz almost everynight we do oovoo-ing!! LOOK!! its video conference up to 6 people!! WOHHOO!! ITs called OOVOO!! and if you realised and see sining is in KOREA.. which means can overseas video conferencing!! AMAZING RIGHT?!

what's next? FISH SPA!! We went to KENKO wellness for free fish spa treatment, well because yuri is the princess of kenko wellness.. One of a kind experience!!
Serena asked me to blog about him. What a scandalous photo right? It does looked like we were holding hands! Scandalous!! But definately not as scandalous as sushi girl!! no one bother to scandal about the both of us! awww.. Well, i think we can fight with Zhiyuan's wedding profile pic! right? since we both wearing white too!!

Wohoo!! KTV after PRODUCTION ends!! yay!! we went to the 10dollars KTV session at hometeam ns balestier road!! its so big that can fit all of us and despite being totally exhausted from bumping out, that night we stayed up to SING,DANCE and go CRAZY till 1am the next morning.

Look at this!!! yay!! im so glad that i pulled all of them into the production.. if not i will be damn bored, damn sad and damn lonely!!! yay!!! to THEM!!!

liting mum is super brave!! she shaved for hope!! we still love you!!!

and of course!! FRED!!Tekong will make you strong and fit with all fats gone!! Then you will be muscular man!! You should remain this hair cut, its manly for you! wahaha.
cas is already in australia!! hope everything is fine for you girl! way to go!!
right now i know that nad is going to germany for 6 months for exchange programme!! GERMANY!! urghh....how i wish it was me that is going...
missing from the photo: queen, min, watson, yuen cheng and matt.

i want to be away too!

2 more days to a new look, a new face, no talking, no eating.
You asked me if i'm scared??
So in order to not let you get worried, ill be brave and I'll reply" nope! not scared!"
its a major change. i cant adapt to the change in such a short time. I fear beyond what you can think of.
i cant sleep in the middle of the night and im having butterflies in my stomach. i'm nervous and i figgits all around to try to digress and not talk abt it.

yes.cowardly timidly scared and afraid..

Saturday, June 13, 2009!
HandWritten on; 8:54 AM

I'm not that busy actually, just a little lazy to blog about whatever things that happen for every single day. Thus, i would only like to jot down the fun that i had and would never want to forget those wonderful memories...

it 13 June, a Saturday. For the past few weeks i was really packed with stuff to do. Always trying to make myself free for my friends and many other responsibilities that I'm suppose to handle.

Today was the 1st ever full dress rehearsal for emperor. Messy it is.. and the energy level was low. Everyone seems to be in their own world, not into their character. The cast still forget bits and pieces of their lines, but overall its seems better than the previous full run that we had, only in terms of remembering their lines. It was obvious that everyone energy level was way low than the previous full run rehearsals. But there is definitely someone that i think his changed was really obvious and remarkable.

anyway. Today when i was talking to the little devils... ah cheng asked me this:

ah cheng: yonglin jie jie, you got bf anot?
Zhen Zhe: confirm have one lar!!
Zhexin: dont have lar! she sure don't have, nvm can consider linghao!
Ah Cheng: nvm. yonglin jie jie you got us!

they are primary sch kids!! primary 4,5,6!!

den again... from the cute AH CHENG!!
ah cheng: yonglin jie jie, is this the zip to zip down so can wear the clothes??!!!

they are suppose to changed to their costume!

you see kids nowadays!! are still so ""CUTE"""and naive!! some are matured in their own way but they are definitely not innocent!!!!

There goes fred and yuen cheng to serve the nation and do us proud consecutively for two weeks into tekong PARIS!! wohoo!! good luck guys! and we sure had our fun farewell-ing your hair...

then it was biscep camp and biscep dinner!!! YAY!!!!! we had our fun and our outing!! YEAH!!! so happy to be with them!!

and really not forgetting PASAR THEATRE that allowed me to learn and experience so many things that is useful and ill never forget the lessons I've learnt from this production! It was an eye opener at how PASAR THEATRE was done and being part of it as the stage engineer really makes me happy! Really have to thank jalyn lao shi for the opportunity and NAC workers(woon ying and jiawei lao shi) as well.. and of course my technicians fedorz! and angela for her GREAT HELP!!

lingying jie and jessica!!!

zhiyang and pretty pretty wanjun!!!!!!
the rest of the week will be frigging hectic for emperor. more rehearsals means need to spend more time in hkhk. I still wan to act :)) but i will want to do my job really well this time round too! just like the effort i put in for PASAR theatre!! cause i know that with my effort, ill learn more things and gain more than i ever imagine! that's wad happen to pasar i believe it will be the same for emperor.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009!
HandWritten on; 12:35 PM

its another night of coming home late again. but apparently i get the freedom from my parents or they just cant be bothered with me anymore.

i've always been out with the hk peeps till late night. and its perfectly normal for us to be chilling out, hanging around till late nights. because they are totally fine with it. everyone has the transport back home. either by their car or the big cheeguan's van!!

but this is the very first time, other than the clubbing nights and the chalet nights, i stayed out late with sharmin, min,watson,yc and uxen. Of course the feeling is new, but den it was like a open concept of chalet! we still get home after a long htht. thanks for the ride watson!

and well i guess, the girls would never regret that we stayed out late for this htht. just one step closer to this building of friendship.

such talks are once in a millions yrs. i enjoyed it. do you???

10am driving tmr! im dead! and tuan kang!! and minds cafe! its another crazy day!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009!
HandWritten on; 10:54 PM

seriously annoying to wake up by the unforeseen drilling noise from the upgrading of the new lift. Thus causing a harmless sleepy GIRL to shout vulgarities out early in the morning! Such a pain. NOISE pollution will cause a fuzzy mood.

i have the urge to get out of the country again! Away from the skyscrapers, noise pollution and disease influenza.

If its not for swine flu and Pasar theatre, I'm probably in the operating theatre undergoing the CHANGE. 20th may 2009 turns out to be just an ordinary day that she jump out of bed, stomp out of the room and slump the house door!

i'm perfectly FINE!

Sunday, May 17, 2009!
HandWritten on; 8:53 AM

there is no grounds that explains my nonchalent attitude towards everything that is happening around me. In fact, i don't really know what has gotten into me. Probably 4 days of late night sleeping, staying up till rise and shine, a jumble of the body clock answers it all.

just to summarise, i've not been very happy i guess. the path and route infront is just so misty, that i get all paranoid about what pathway should i take. where the F am i heading to.

i'm officially unemployed right now, thus life is just so aimless and pointless once again.
whatever it is. my morale is low right now. to cheer myself up...

some photos of grad and chalet, which consecutively happened..

That yixin! peiling and keatwin!

my yr 1 mates. pretty ladies. esther.debbie.lao da peiwen, lavina, christie.
And thats jiv.TRM graduation slot was same as BS.
thats mike, my vietnam fren.
Thats amanda. she came for jiv of course not me. anyway saw shyam too..
Thats the XIAO CA0. william. yesh good looking enough to be xiao cao of course.

the guys that i've spend the most memoriable days of my poly life. everyday when i wake up for that 6 mths, they are the first people i see. they are the ones that impact my life too...
diane. is a super nice group mate for IS modules.. and im didnt get to take any photo with sarah.

shuang shuang and my package! well my package is of course yiling. where ever i go she goes too! haha.. we are just like a package. buy one get one free.. im going to miss shuang shuang.
and fangqi, minwee, fizah,xingting too.. becaz of this bunch of cliques in sch. im very motivated to study and have been super good in sch. attending most lectures..

but i guess. nothing can be compared to these sec sch peeps.. 4e2 is just so bonded. we organised activities and our frens join in the fun too :) like sharmin and hilyah!
well i was looking forward to langkawii with watson and people. but sigh. swine influenza with my surgery postponed. I WANT TO GO LANGKAWII!!! END OF THE YR !!!
well lastly not forgetting these äi yan hkhk peeps..